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Monday, May 19, 2008


Obama Draws Record Crowd in Oregon By Larry Rohter New York Times May 18, 2008 "WOW!"

Clinton Takes Aim at McCain’s Economic Agenda Matt Phillips reports on the presidential race from Frankfort, Ky. May 17, 2008 "...while the Republican National Committee try to defend their "understanding" of the economy?!?!

I watched Kay Granger(R-TX) talk with Todd J. Gillman, Dallas Morning News on C-SPAN Sunday morning. She laughed about the new Republican 'change you deserve' tag line and said that she had no idea it came from an anti-depressant product. Also commenting how GOOGLING brought no hits on the "change you deserve" slogan when being considered initially.

I didn't watch the entire interview, just enough to bring me up to date on how this faction is going to play out the rest of the election year. One of the hosts notes that had he not known, he would think that the Republican 'change' theme was actually a Democratic change theme. Since a well known and highly respected Democratic party member actually started the 'Change We Can Believe In' last year.

HiJacking Centrisity Tuesday, May 13, 2008 9 COMMENTS

Kay Granger had no clear response to that statement. I've read a few blogs --Open Left-- that center on what the (R) are up to with the apparent copycat routine. Will they get away with it? Will they steal hearts and minds? Will they show off their brand of fiscal conservatism? Will they shed their war mongering image? Will they cleanse their imperialistic attitude? Will they hack member corruption? Will they ...? Better stop here. The list is soooo long. Real Conservatives Take Back Your Party, Please!

Republican NeoCons Must Learn what is acceptable and what IS Not Acceptable...from Crooks and Liars » Rep Tom Davis Uses Term “*** Baby” In GOP MemoTom Davis (R-Va.) repeatedly misspells Barack Obama’s name – it’s one R, congressman, not two — and then manages to use the racially charged term “*** baby”
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