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Friday, May 30, 2008

President Quantification with Qualifications - My Vote Counts - A Great Leader for and of Our Country


I watched the 1996 interview Brian Lamb did with Hillary last night on CSPAN 2. What an absolutely amazing woman at that time, in our country. What an absolutely necessary woman for our country today! I didn't need any media spin then and I don't need it now, to know that Hillary Clinton is Presidential the math, just do the math.

Hillary Is A Qualified Candidate for the highest office in the land...I'll vote for her to be my President. I will vote for her to be my Vice President. I won't except anything less and I'm not alone in this one.

If the DNC Interferes with the natural course of this race, (D)'s will lose this historical presidential race altogether...and we'll have another Neo-Con, War Mongering and Corrupt administration, Again!

CSPAN 2 Book TV aired last night Thursday May 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton Interview with Brian lamb 1996

It Takes a Village, and Other Lessons Children Teach Us
Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton

BOOKNOTES Transcripts - It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Our Children Teach Us by Hillary Rodham Clinton March 3, 1996

"She was born to a 15-year-old mother and a 17-year-old father and their marriage didn't last."

"He came from an immigrant family."

"I was born in Chicago"

"Yes. Two younger brothers"

"He was a real, you know, man's man."

"...but it does rely on my personal experiences both as a daughter and a mother, as well as my work as an advocate and the experts whom I know trying to get their information out to the public."

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