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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Congratulations Mike Hatch!!!!

A Minnesota thing.....Not only does Mike Hatch the Attorney General have what it takes to be a good Governor for Minnesota, but he has a third good eye for hiring top notch staff that reflect his overall goals and mission.

It is time that Minnesota get back on its feet and as sad as it will be to see Mike Hatch shift away from Attorney General, we will be doubly benefited when he is Governor. His expertise, instinct and passion for truth and justice, make this man a true public servant.

I refer many people to the Consumer Division, because of my positive experience with his office. When big business forgets its humble beginnings and attempts to step on average folk, the Minnesota Attorney Generals office is the best defense.....They really do care about us little old common people!

I am very excited that Attorney General Hatch is running for Governor....Link to the website....

MPR..........the story......The DFL - Democratic - Farmer - Labor Party endorses Mike Hatch....

KARE 11 story....

San Jose CA - AP ......story.....
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