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Thursday, June 22, 2006

~Voices of Collective Reason~ Larry King Live.....

Hip Hip Hooray!!! I was able to watch a portion of Larry King Live last surprise I stumbled upon the panel of 9 Senators. I was channel surfing and almost clicked past the channel when suddenly I saw faces and names that I was familiar with. I seldom watch Larry King, but was very glad that I tripped over his show. The panel of esteemed Senators was a good booster shot in the arm. Give me more discussion like the one they had last night and I might tune in to listen more often....the talk was filled with many of the issues I care about.
Collectively talking about pro-active initiatives and what the message really is, I was glued to the set. They even mentioned Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota. The interaction among all of the Senators was extremely refreshing!!! More - More - More!
ps..hope they show up on network television...for those that don't have cable.

Link to last nights transcript from....Larry King Live
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