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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Public Health Care Option Necessary ~ Single Payer Still a Better Plan...

Share Your Story

The United States Department Of Health and Human Services is asking people to share their Health Care related stories and they asking for ideas and proposals.

From Mountain Sage Why we need a public options for health care and debunking Canadian health care myths Jun.08, 2009 "A woman in the United States, stands in the street with a can, begging for money to finish her chemo therapy!

Debunking Canadian health care myths By Rhonda Hackett at the Denver Post 06/07/2009

Update on Landmark Study on Single-Payer as Economic Stimulus from the California Nurses Association


I've been hanging out over at a new site that I absolutely love, Its called No Limits, where I've been able to stay connected to the issue of Health Care Reform. When my blog was mistakenly targeted by blogger Spambots in May, I got an email from Ann Lewis inviting me to visit the site. I couldn't get into my blog, so I had time to check out the site No Limits. I can't say enough about this amazing site and all of the important conversations going on.

Now, I'm behind the curve getting out information I come across. But I'm going to try to post as many Health care Reform stories as possible. I'm still completely shocked that Congress (the ring leader Max Baucus) has so many politicians railing against what I consider to be a true Human Right ~ Our Bodies Don't Exist in a Bubble, neither should the Health Care Industry!

Its good to be back on my blog!
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