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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bail Out Education, the South Park way....

A big Thank You to Blue Man in a Red District for this one!!!!

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i stopped blogging, temporarily, because i needed time to assess our new landscape once the bush administration physically left office and because i needed to put my attention else where. i'm not ready to come back and throw myself in to blogging as to what i've witnessed and what i've surmised since the new administration arrived. not quite yet. too soon still. i don't trust congress anymore any more than i did before. there is definitely something wrong up there on capital hill. seeing dems on the tv cheer leading troop deployment to afghanistan, same song different dance. or is that same dance different song? OMG is all i can muster right now about that one. i am patiently waiting for signs that washington is for the little people. still waiting, still waiting, still waiting. two dems from minnesota just authored a bill that would take away money earned from every wait staff - waiters and waitresses and i can't for the life of me understand why they think this is helpful. so many things still knocking around the working class. it's hard to weed out the really bad stuff from the smoke screen stuff. this is exactly why i will remain an independent. and i hope to never see republicans in power again...they are just the scariest bunch of fanatic authoritarians - steele, bachmann, bohner and canter. president obama and secretary clinton are still high on my list of 'hero's in action.' oh and lastly, i hope senator dodd loses his re-election bid and vice president biden still needs to prove he's for the working class, remember his bankruptcy bill that became a law. the one that makes the person spend a lot more money than necessary to get out of debt. drains the last reserve of savings, paying through the nose just to get out of debt? that law needs to be changed for the benefit of the regular middle of the road citizen, this year. so many things left unsaid.....
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