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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Democrat Party or Republican Cult?

Correction...It's Democratic Party and Republican Cult.

I finally heard the term that fits this faction of fanatic drooling, fear driving and war raptured individuals. The word is 'Cult.' I hear other terms, but this one fits like a second skin.

Not to offend real Republicans, but the shadow over the Republican Party is the gloomiest that I can recall. Even people like my Father, who is a real Republican would never adhere to, nor agree with the new order of the Republican Cult Party.

I listened to the presidents press conference yesterday....scary stuff. Greens, Independents, Reformers, Libertarians and Democratic Party members, your work is cut out for you.

And real Republican Party members, your party - now a cult, will need to look deep inside yourselves and make the hard decision, for the sake of our democratic republic.

Tuesday 22, 2006 President on Another Planet By Eugene Robinson The Washington Post...
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