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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Journalists View of New Orleans Today...

As The Washington Post writer states, New Orleans should not fade out of the media's eye. The media is the eye of the nation and should stay and report even the most mundane happenings within New Orleans & the Gulf Coast.

When the mundane grows to 'normal' capacity down the long road, then and only then, can the nation and the world untie themselves from the devastated Gulf Coast - New Orleans. For New Orleanians - always including the exiled citizens, it would be the day steps are taken forward without us hovering over.

Until that day, every minute of every day needs to be about what New Orleans - Gulf Coast is doing, saying and experiencing. The opinions of some are cruel and insensitive, from both outside and inside the region. Other opinions inside the region, think we the nation are laughing at them - that they are a joke. It is simply not true!

There is no joke and no laughing at such a mountain of painful reality, about anything going on within the city. From the day that catastrophe struck the city, the overall historical significance has been breath catching, mind bending and heart aching, landing on a new scale of heights.

The principled courage of all media representatives involved, is the reason the nation and the world became witness to a national tragedy. The media has created many links for the exiled citizens, relatives and friends to stay as connected as humanly possible, to their beloved home.

From where ever these two types of opinions grew, there are triple, quadruple, no an infinite number of opinions - people do care about 'all' the people, are concerned for all the lives lived and lost and are committed to helping an American City 80% decimated and a region of the United States to survive.

When an honest attempt is made by the media, to report on what is actually happening anywhere, it creates a window of unfiltered clarity and another door to pass through. What we do with the information when we get it, allows us free choice with freedom of the press. New Orleans - Gulf Coast is media's responsibility to a nation that is watching with care and carefully watching over.

The Washington Post story...

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