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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Saga of Sorrow Continues for the Survivors...


Each persons story that reveals their struggle in the pursuit to lift themselves back into life, has a twist, an undeniable fact - survivors from the entire Gulf Coast and from the flood waters of New Orleans will not give up. Taking any steps, any way, just to survive another day in this America. From the West Coast to the East, the exiled will make their way through additional daily tests, attesting the will to live. Every high and mighty person and every scary fanatic is still missing the point. When they eventually fall to need another. When that happens, in the bleak hours of their desperation...loneliness and alone, they will 'then' know only a fraction of the deep anguish of those that survived the worst catastrophe on our soil, in America. Crying and sobbing for mercy, yet the survivors wear many masks to hide their fear and tears in the most compelling and sane way possible, given the national climate they endure...
Link to one of a hundred thousand stories of courage. This one from the San Francisco Chronicle.
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