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Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Orleans - EVICTIONS in the Chill of the Night....

If the people of New Orleans are being scooped up from their temporary hotel shelters and shipped out in the middle of the night to destinations unknown, this would be the worse case scenario of white washing away survivors who were striving to stay in their home city. If there is a thread of truth to this story, the actions are far away from what a civilized nation would do to help their own. The original evacuees were given one way bus and plane tickets to places they had no clue they were going to. It is still a disturbing fact in the effort to mass evacuate the survivors from New Orleans.
This story reminds me of the questionable urban development initiatives, where people were given gas money or bus tickets to leave their large metropolitan city for another state, because their neighborhood was dismantled for up scale building development - Chicago, IL as one example back in the late 1990s. People in the twin cities were suspicious and whispered rumors abound about all those new Illinois license plates showing up around the first of the month, for many, many months in a row. An inner city street advocate from Chicago shed light on the true situation that surrounded our new visitors from Illinois.
Link to the story by Stan Goff on The Huffington Post
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