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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So, Was 'Hurricane Pam' Ever Finished???

From Pieces dated 12/31/2005, emailed out 9/2/2005...

9/2/2005 Letter to Fox, CNN and MSNBC News
NPR aired a segment on the 'Hurricane Pam' simulation. It was mentioned that no practical solution could be developed, as to how to get mass numbers out of the cities in the gulf coast area. I would like to read what you think about the exercise earlier this year, as compared to now. Thank you.

UPDATE 1/31/2006 - Knight Ridder Washington Bureau ran a story about some of the content in the Congressional Report on investigating the governmental role before and after Hurricane Katrina to the full article...

The report says Chertoff "designated Hurricane Katrina as an incident of national significance on August 30th - the day after final landfall. However, he did not designate the storm as a catastrophic event, which would have triggered additional provisions of the National Response Plan (NRP), calling for a more proactive response. As a result, the federal posture generally was to wait for the affected states to request assistance."

Knight Ridder first reported the late activation of the plan last September, which Homeland Security officials at first denied.

The GAO also faulted Homeland Security for not following up on training exercises, including the prescient Hurricane Pam exercise in 2004 that envisioned a major storm smacking into New Orleans. The funding for a follow-up to Pam was cut by Homeland Security officials, Eric Tolbert, a former senior FEMA official, told Knight Ridder last summer.

"Not all capabilities-related issues identified in the Hurricane Pam exercise were addressed before Hurricane Katrina hit," the GAO report found.
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