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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thanksgiving: A Native American View By Jacqueline Keeler, Pacific News Service. Posted January 1, 2000 Alternet
Jacqueline Keeler is a member of the Dineh Nation and the Yankton Dakota Sioux. Her work has appeared in Winds of Change, an American Indian journal.
(thanks to Mike's Bog Round up at Crooks and Liar's for the mention of this article)

reprinting New Orleans In Exile This Holiday ~ What Meant The World by awakening Saturday, November 25, 2006

Without a traditional giving of thanks
No one would know what to look for
Signs of amusement and laughable pranks

Know what to look for

Without a whole day of giving blessing
No one would know what to listen with
Tunes for a whistle and words so caressing

know what to listen with

Without a year to recall what has passed
No one would know where to go
A journey of no destination will end long last

Know where to go

Without a moment of faint smiling dreams
No one would feel what meant the world
Giving thought and thanks to the Old New Orleans

What meant the world.....


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