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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful for Think Progress


Thanks to Blue man in a Red district for posting this....

21 Reasons To Give Thanks from Think Progress This Thanksgiving, progressives have a lot to be thankful for. Here’s our list:.... #12. Comment by barfly - And thanks Keith O., for telling the truth. Your heads above all other political commentators (except for Krugman). While I’m at it, thanks NYT, for unleashing Paul K. from behind the subscription wall.
Thanks to Think Progress for giving me a fun idea.....

I'm Thankful that Nancy Nord will be exported to court.

I'm thankful that I haven't found a POD under my bed, yet!

I'm Thankful that the FDA didn't eat this pie.

I'm thankful that it was only hundreds of Boxelder bugs that invaded my home this year.

I'm thankful no one caught me doing this. (courtesy of Crooks and Liar's)

I'm thankful that the Neo-Cons will keep on trying.....

.....Because the White House won't see another 'Obstructionist' President for a long, long, long time......

And Congress will be restored by "We the People."

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