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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Katrina Angels ~ Someone Needs You this Christmas 2007


Does your friend or neighbor need a care package to lift their spirits or help them through a rough time?

If you know someone who should be on this list - please share with them or post for them.

If you are a victim of a disaster or need assistance getting back on your feet?

Over 300 families in need of help ... please adopt them for Christmas! American Angels

Brought to you by…Curtis & Katrina Blankenship
email ...

Check Out CHRISTMAS Angel Tree ~ Adopt A Family
Katrina 2006 to read about last years good deeds...Tuesday December 05, 2006
Hurricane Katrina Families

Severe Illness Families

Low Income & Struggling

Tornado Storm Families

In Loving Memory ...If you would like to post a special page for a loved one lost during the Hurricanes of 2005, please click....

Hurricane Katrina Victims List Go To Site For More Stories….

Boudoin Family of 4
in need of housing…..
Waller Family of 4
left our house on clay st in Biloxi not knowing if we would have a house to return to….

Pierre Family of 1
lost everything when hurricane Katrina hit ……

House Family of 3
We made a continquency plan to go upstairs into the attic with our pets and……..

Deharde Family of 3
lost everything in hurricane Katrina and Rita……from paying 350.…NOW paying 800!

2007 Low Income/Poor Living Conditions Families Go To Site For More Stories….

Caldwell Family of 3
lost my job about a couple of months ago, because my son was ill…..

2007 Severe Illness/Accident Go To Site For More Stories….
Battaglia Family of 1
Sister is Handicap living on fixed income…….

McKeller Family of 1
Medicare will not pay for…..

2007 Major Storm Victim/Tornado
Go to site for more stories….

Williams Family of 6
son Joshua has asthma, seizures, heart problems and several other conditions……...
Postell Family of 4
My husband is very sick. He is on a liver transplant list……

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