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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Look At My Thumb....Gee You're Dumb....

The other day I wrote about the childhood game that made you look up, down and sideways. The end of that game is meant to succeed in total control and the sense that the 'control' makes the follower completely submissive because they followed the commands, in a nut shell.

What the game does when children play it, is rile up the follower and they go seek out an unknowing friend or family member...Laughing all the way.

What this game does to unassuming US citizen adults, is cause for great concern. Especially when the instigator is our own United States government bodies, controlled by a small group of very callous, arrogant, greedy and malicious characters.

Any politician that believes in democracy, would never sit in cover, in a back room, to do business. Any politician that is passionate about liberty, would never shut their eye to stealing the livelihood from out under any separate but equal citizen. Any politician who understands justice, would never tamper with the United States of America.

While we look up, down and all around, enduring harmful jabs at our expense, the country is turning over in its grave. Since I believe in life after death, come November I will help reincarnate this land that I love, with my vote.!
Link to The Washington Post to read the article by staff writers, Michael D. Shear and Dan Balz
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