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Friday, May 19, 2006

Douglas Brinkley Needs A Friend Like Mayor Nagin...

"Those that can, do; Those that can't, teach."

Mayor Nagin is a 'can do' leader and Mr. Brinkley seems a bit jealous over this, by the examples his poison pen letter tries to point out about the New Orleans Mayor.

If anything, Mr. Brinkley could be show casing his transparency for who he likes and who he dislikes in the guise of calling it history. Which is perfectly alright if it is under the heading of 'fictional history.'

Books are books, written by people with a personal passion to tell. Books should never be banned or destroyed, no matter their content. School history books have been selectively written and censored for hundreds of years.

They remind us that it is 'people preference' that print each word to lay out each page. We have to decide whether it is worth going to seek out other information to either 'dismiss or to embrace.'

The Mayor was trapped in the flooded city, along with hundreds of thousands, communications were almost non-existent, the Calvary no where in sight and really, need I say more about what a decimated frozen city might mean to a mayor, any mayor.

Mayor Ray Nagin, is the only US Mayoral leader in our times, who in the thick of catastrophe, has grown a foot taller, added a bounty of new wisdom and has gained immense inner strength.

All of which eludes poor Mr. Brinkley. Hope they can become friends, Mr. Brinkley needs real role models, to tell his students about.

The Washington Post article, link and read....
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