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Sunday, May 21, 2006

"THANK YOU" To "All" For A Fair New Orleans Elections


It is time to "Thank" all the behind the scenes people. Who without a doubt, helped New Orleans to have a fair (as possible) election!

The advocate - activist groups, the faith based groups, the principled and honest election volunteers, the nations eyes, and the world interest, I believe, are the critical reasons' that prevented New Orleans from being systematically un-assembled during the entire election campaign.

There was evidence that an unscrupulous under current of anti-democracy ridden fanatics, hoped and meant to cleanse the city of color....both residentially and politically.

Hope the pro-action / pro-rights / pro-tectors of everything civil and civilized, stick around for the citizens and for the re-elected Mayor. These people pockets of best kept secrets, can continue to assist all homebound displaced residents , continue to help the city propel forward and continue to strengthen the rebirth of an American City.

For the citizens - exiled and in-city, I have only tremendous compassion and pride, for the amazing effort to just get out and vote! The exiled citizen definitely needed better accessibility to election polls.

The Governor of Louisiana did not take loud steps towards helping the citizens to have a more practical solution for casting their votes. Actually the Governor stayed pretty quiet, at least publicly, as to her position on the matter.

It is with great anticipation that she judiciously un-fist the federal money for the City of New Orleans, now.

The Judge that restricted voting rights, under this most unusual situation, could have at least helped to set a positive precedent by allowing out of state satellite voting for these American Citizens, exiled from their home, through no fault of their own.

The repercussions will come back to bite the Governor, judge and other anti-sensitive agenda ridden politically elected officials, come November.

The citizens of New Orleans shine and make me proud to be in America!!!

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